You are what you did 10 days ago!

Fitness running and Racing for the over 30 set.

This may be old news for some, but a good review! Some basic principles.

Follow a pattern of hard day easy day, recovery days every week are part of your training. Organize your training into phases, each phase emphasizes different training.

The most important principle of training is to be consistent, stay healthy. If you go out and hammer every day, you will not make progress.

You are what you did 10 days ago! Sudden changes in routine, not good. Remember where you were ten days ago and work from there. Big race, the last hard workout should be 8-10 days before race..

Running fitness has a 2.5 day half life?? That means  if you take three days off you lose ½ of what you gained in your last workout. Be consistent. Just Do It

You know what!, every race does not have to be a personal best! Some races you just cover the distance, learn something new about yourself. Run with a teammate. Practice surging, in races over one mile, surging is a great strategy, get new muscles into play, 3 to 5 fast strides, surge  when you think you are tired.

You only need to run 2-3 races each season hard, really hard.
After early season races finish with fast strides or do a workout, i.e. 5-10 x 100m.

This may be a new thought for you, but your body remembers the last thing you do each day of training . Slow running, it remembers that, race pace strides the last thing, it remembers race pace.

The one drill to start with: fast feet drill. 8aoQsmKjk

Get a coach,  be consistent follow a plan, if you would plan  to race.

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