Training for 400m competitions Master’s Age 50-54

Des Duff writes to update his progress, Des Duff is training to race for the 400m during the summer months. He is 53 and opened the season with a very solid time trial. Where do we go from here?

Basic Training Suggestions:

Day 1: 2x 200m at 85%+ effort at with 15 seconds rest, and a 400m rest after 1st set; 2nd set repeat 2×200 with 15 second rest; 3rd set 1x 400m at fast run as a long acceleration, each 100m faster. Finish with 4x 60m cut downs,  each one faster.

Day 2: 4-5 x 300m, run as 3x100m at fast with 10 secs rest, and a 300m set rest; 2nd as above 3x100m with 300m rest, 3rd 200m fast 10 secs rest 100m fast; last set 1x300m fast, out 100m float 100m, kick 100m. finish with 3-4x60m cut downs.

Day 3: HIIT training day: after warm up with drills; 15 secs run at fast 15 secs rest x 3; 1 minute rest and repeat; do at least 12 reps of 15 secs fast.

I am suggesting that he include the following drill to his program.

Do 10m x 3 reps to start. 3(3x10m) later

Please give me an update at the end of the week.




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2 Responses to Training for 400m competitions Master’s Age 50-54

  1. Fred says:

    nice article–covering the basics of speed and speed endurance…looking to begin sprint training this winter and go for a few masters meets this spring/summer. been running a few 5k’s at slightly under 20 min for age 55—but strength is in the longer sprints and looking to break 60 sec and dip into those 50′s!!! Any tips are appreciated…Fred

    • Jerry Gravel says:

      Tips start easy with sprint training keep the volume down. Introduce plyometrics with fast skips and and straight leg shuffle leading to power skips.
      If you are going to run 400 repeats try this 200m fast walk 10 secs and 200m fast. If running 300m try 100m fast 10 second restt 100m fast long rest 300m walk rest. Keith and Fred thanks for asking, I work on this site weekly but not every day
      if you keep in touch I will try to answer questions. See other blogs esp training for speed and acceleration

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