Training for 400m competitions Master’s Age 50-54

Des Duff writes to update his progress, Des Duff is training to race for the 400m during the summer months. He is 53 and opened the season with a very solid time trial. Where do we go from here?

Basic Training Suggestions:

Day 1: 2x 200m at 85%+ effort at with 15 seconds rest, and a 400m rest after 1st set; 2nd set repeat 2×200 with 15 second rest; 3rd set 1x 400m at fast run as a long acceleration, each 100m faster. Finish with 4x 60m cut downs,  each one faster.

Day 2: 4-5 x 300m, run as 3x100m at fast with 10 secs rest, and a 300m set rest; 2nd as above 3x100m with 300m rest, 3rd 200m fast 10 secs rest 100m fast; last set 1x300m fast, out 100m float 100m, kick 100m. finish with 3-4x60m cut downs.

Day 3: HIIT training day: after warm up with drills; 15 secs run at fast 15 secs rest x 3; 1 minute rest and repeat; do at least 12 reps of 15 secs fast.

I am suggesting that he include the following drill to his program.

Do 10m x 3 reps to start. 3(3x10m) later

Please give me an update at the end of the week.




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