Some thoughts on the 400 hurdles, in-season training

400 hurdles and steeplechase are unique events, the 400 hurdles is a long sprint over barriers and takes a special approach in training. The steeple training  has been approached in a recent blog

Training for the tough 400 hurdles at the college level.

Day 1 ) 4x 100 relay practice after warm up,   6x 200m with the long sprint group at fast with walk rest, Finish with 6 x 60-100m fast

Day 2) long hurdle day: after wup, relay practice.  5 step drill over 4 -5 hurdles, set at 10-11 m, practice rush. workout: 1x 10 h, 1 x8 hur, cover the distance with walk rests, finish with 4 x starts to first 2  hurdles

Day 3) same as Monday

Day 4) Event day, After warm up,relay work, many reps.  5 step drill, over womens High hurdles at least part of time for women ?, for men 5 step drill over HSH for men. Workout;  2 x 8h at good effort with walk rest, 3-4 x last 5 hurdles with a run in start, finish with starts to first 2 x 3-4 with steps if warm. Mid Season; 1 x 8 hurdles at race effort, long rest.  Plus 3-5  x 5 hurdles,  at least 1 x first 5, and  2 x last five, rhythm, spikes on with stride pattern. Mid season would be late April for NCAA qualifiers.

Day 5) after warm up, relay handoffs  4 x 100 and 4 x  400 practice, after w up.
7 x 100 m  fast walk 200 m with 400 group.

Late season, another day with 5 step drill and starts to first could be day five Friday before race

Day 6, meet) run 400m h and 4 x 400 relay. Early season with tights at least, I would suggest finish with 6 x 100m at fast after the meet.

Running the race, after long run to first, the 2nd hurdle is the easiest, save as much energy as possible. Hurdles 3, 4, 5, concentrate on rhythm and staying in the race, hurdles 6, 7, 8, others start having trouble with steps, tunnel vision, rush at the hurdles, switch your stride pattern to maintain a consistent pattern if necessary. Hurdle 8 is often a key to the race, you made your move earlier, the key to 9 and 10 is to make adjustments before the rush so you can maintain your momentum, a smooth pattern of steps without jab steps


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