some thoughts: 800m training

I have been working on this for a while, need feedback from you,
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Scott Anderson writes to suggest some modifications for the masters runner wishing to train for the 800m. I like his suggestion of 4 to 6 x 40 seconds run with 5 minutes rest. Also he suggests 2 to 3 x 1000m at a hard pace with a long rest, I would prefer 1000m at 3K pace with a 3 minute rest followed by some fast 100m at current 800m pace. A good test according to Scott would be 2 x 600 at hard with a long rest, if you are a masters runner we would like to hear from you.

Some additions: Nov. 27, 2017, some numbers to consider, volume per workout.
Assume 30 to 35 miles a week, Reps workout (mile pace), 5% of mileage or up to 2400 m a workout. Fast reps (800m pace) 3% of weekly total or up to 1600 m. Interval wo, 3k pace or slower 8% of weekly total, up to 3200-3500m or 4 x 800m.
Fast reps could be down several times a week, such as 4 x100m to finish workout or 3 x 200m cutdowns after a 30 minutes easy run.

Running The 800 m may be the most difficult to event to  train for; aerobic/ anaerobic, speed/endurance?

Your ability to run the 400m may be a key.

Long intervals are necessary on a regular basis. 400, 500, 600m.

Reps of 100 to 300m at current 800 pace must be done often.

Don’t forget the cut downs to finish! 4 x 60 to 100m each one faster!

Tempo runs, at 10 K pace, 10 to 18 minutes, every ten days or so; in the preseason and early season especially. Long runs once a week, up to 60-70 minutes, ok work up to them

Some specific suggestions:

Long intervals as 3 to 5 x 500m at hard with long rests, 4 x 80 m to finish, cut downs, each on faster. You could run 3 x 600m as 200m fast, 10 second rest, 200m fast 10 second rest and 200m fast, with a 600m rest. repeat 2 to 3 times. 500m should be done hard at least 90% effort, don’t worry to much about pace, run the 400m hard and hang on for last 100m, long rest at least 500m

Do 100m and 200m at 400 effort,  2-3 sets  of 200m with log rests.
300m could be done as 100m fast, 10 sec rest, 100m fast, 10 sec rest and 100 fast followed by a 300m rest, repeat up to 3 sets. Do theses as close to current 800m pace as possible.

Jerry Gravel Davis lot runs: 8 x 100m after a long warm up to include accelerations,  done like this, 100 m fast rest 10 seconds, 100m fast 10 seconds rest; do 4 take a 3 minutes rest and do another set of 4 at 100m fast with 10 second rest. To finish do 4 x 80 cut downs, each on faster with walk rest.

Running outside, cold and wind, try Lactate Slackers: 1 minute fast, 2 minutes easy or 1 minute fast with 3 minutes easy. First time you do these, try 3 minute rests, after 1 or 2 times do 2 minute rests. Do as many as you can up to 5 first time. Do more next week.

Take Note Ashley.

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3 Responses to some thoughts: 800m training

  1. Scott says:

    Your outline is very good on 800M training in my opinion. As a
    Masters runner I can share a few ideas. For the time limited working family man the following will help and keep you out of injuries.

    I noticed 35-40 miles a week volume you will be faster overall in general. Run on grass when possible or trails .

    2-3 x 1000M at mile race pace with 5 mins Rest. Follow with 6x 100m 80 percent effort

    4-6 x 40 sec runs with 5 mins rest on another day at 80 percent percieved effort . Do not be concerned where you are on a track. If you are requiring 8mins or more rest you are doing a sprinters workout and going to fast restoring creatine in your muscles.

    Another day is 2 x 600m at 800m race pace. 5 mins Rest. The second one is
    Going to get you in shape for the weeks to come. Form first.

    Sneak in one or two of the above a week with mileage you will always be able
    To sharpen up for a race 4-6 weeks out 5K down to 800M

  2. Scott says:

    I want to add a comment for those masters newer to running that 35 – 40miles a week is total volume and not straight line distance running. This would be warm up run, plyos, and perhaps boot camp or CrossFit activities for an hr, and cool downs . Other days intervals or hills. Your GPS watch can keep track of that for you.

    If you do a bike just keep track of effort with 130 bpm heart rate or more in time reference not miles. Most experts seem to think that’s where cardiovascular gains begin in earnest.

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