My Book

My books will be made into eBooks in the near future. One eBook will be a Fitness Manual and the other will be a Coaching Track and Field Manual.

The Fitness Manual includes chapters on:
Aerobic Fitness,
Muscle Fitness, Flexibility, Nutrition, and Weight Management.
Also included are sections on Walking for Fitness, Jogging for Fitness,
Training for the Serious Runner.
Another section; Fitness for Older Adults is a chapter that most of you will be interested in the future.

The Coaching Track and Field Manual includes sections on:  Physiology of Fitness, Speed Training, Biomechanics of Running, Throwing, and Jumping. Events  covered include Cross Country, Mile/800, Sprints, Throws, Hurdles, Jumps and a newly developed section on the steeplechase.

Stay in touch for more details for  accessing the books.

Coach Jerry Gravel


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