keep it simple, speed , REVISED DEC. 2015

Keep it Simple Speed:
Several times a week;
  • 3 x 30  to 60 meter accelerations; jog stride run, each one faster.
  • 3 x 6 seconds fast feet, run almost  in place.
    3 x 30 m from fly start, each one faster.
  • 3 x 30 m varied pace; 10 m accelerate, 10 m fast,  10 m stride, 10 m fast.
  • 3 x 30 m from a stand start.
  • Starts from a stand or from a  three point stance, 4 to 6 x 10 meters, everyone should do start drills even if your event is the 10,000 k. This works on acceleration. Move your feet, push push push, run away from the line.
Walk back rest after each rep.
Several days a week, finish fitness runs with 3 x 60 to 80 meters strides at  mile to 400 pace.  walk back rest.
Why walk rests? why not jog? much confusion about this!  With speed work you want full recovery, the ATP should be restored to the muscle. Jogging inhibits the restoration.
When you are working on the LA-O2 (interval training) energy system, jog rests are in order, to continue Lactic acid accumulation during the rest.
Simple rules for rest: 02 Work,  tempo runs,  i. e. 5 minutes runs w/ short rests , walk.
Interval Training , 3 minutes at 3 K pace, jog rest.
Speed training, short and fast, muscle work, walk rest.  Recover from first rep before you start the second.
To change pace, to accelerate , to finish hard you need to work on speed.
Speed and power, try explosive medicine ball drills, resistance training. see below.
The only resistance exercise that really counts is the dumb bell snatch from the hang clean start position.
stair jump the video, jumpers consider this drill.Comments, questions get in touch!
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