Phase Three: (four weeks) could be the Month of March

The volume of steady state running would not be increased during this phase, the volume of fast running, and plyometric drills  would be increased. Several days a week there could be a 20 minute warm up run followed by 30 minutes of drills, power  training, resistance training and fast running. During the final week of this phase, a test run of of 6 minutes, or 400m or  800m could be conducted.

Circuit training could be used; for example runs of 60 m to 80m fast followed by drills such as skipping and medicine ball throws  immediately after the run, this will be followed  a 60 m walk rest. These are done in sets of three  with a longer rest after a set of three. A total of 9 to 24 reps done in a workout.

During phase three;  increase the volume of plyometrics  including power skipping  to do more drills and more reps. Change hill reps to fast reps of 15 to 30 seconds at mile pace or faster. Include 20m to 300m fast runs at 800m pace (78 to 76/400m), and  400m or 60 secs at 1500m pace.  Include 30m to 60m  fast runs at 400 m pace/effort. These could be  done as part of a speed warm up or as cut downs after workouts. Finish several steady state runs with 6 -10 x 80- 100m each week.

Emphasis for this phase should be on interval training such as 3 minutes run at 3K pace  with 3 minutes rest and secondary emphasis on reps runs of 30 to 60 seconds at mile pace or faster with long walk rests. This Lactate Tolerance work should have rests of 3 to 5 times the time of the work. This author would suggest that 50 to 60 second runs at 85 to 90% effort produce the the highest level of lactate.

Summary for Phase Three:

Finish several workouts each week with fast runs; e.g. 60 to 100m at mile pace, include cut downs (each one faster) to 800m pace, and 30m and 60m fast runs at 400m pace.

Emphasis on interval training e.g. 800 to 1000m runs ( or 3 minute runs)  at 3 K pace pace, hard effort  (e.g. 3:06 for 800m) and occasional 1200m or ( 4 minute runs tempo runs) at 10K pace somewhat hard effort  (e.g. 6:50/mile pace) with 1 minute walk rest. Reps at 400m pace, 800m pace and mile pace several days a week, should be included. Volume for reps, 5% of weekly mileage e.g. 200 to 240 minutes a week volume would include 8 to 12 minutes of reps work each workout and 15 to 18  minutes of interval runs for a workout.  Include medicine ball throws and slams, walking lunges with a light weight, power skipping and fast relay work practice.

Sample week: 1) long day 25% of weekly mileage. 2) easy distance  day, plus strides, drills and plyomertics 3) reps day, inc accelerations and skipping during warm up and fast reps after the main workout 4)  interval day  plus cut downs or race, 5) tempo day plus cut downs or a race pace day of 200m to 400m at 800m and mile pace  6) easy distance for 20 minutes plus accelerations. drills. running etc. 7) rest.

200m reps could be run as 100m fast, 10 second rest, 100m fast followed by a 200m rest. 400m reps could be run as 200m fast, 10 seconds rest, 200m fast followed by a 400m rest.

Goal pace for mile is 82/400m, goal pace for 800m is 76/400m or 38 for 200m.
March date pace for the mile would be 87 second/400, and 42 seconds/ 200m for the 800m race.

Objectives: Rehearse mile pace, improve 400m run speed and practice 800m pace,


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