DO A 180

DO A 180 back to past successes.

LOOK BACK. Do a 180 back to past successes and challenges; never look back,  not true! Sometimes you have to do a 180, look back at what you have accomplished or what you have overcome. Use those images to calm your fears

FEAR, DOUBT, AND WORRY. During the  season of BIG races it is natural to have some  anxiousness, fear, doubt and worry. Use strategies to deal with it, Look back at past challenges, and how you handled them.  You can do this.

BIOLOGICAL RESPONSE Anxiousness is a natural biological response to stress and worry, use it to build a positive response. It is your body telling you, you are ready, ready for action. Use the warm up to burn off excess adrenaline. This is the part of the fight and flight syndrome.

SMALL SEGMENTS: On race day, break everything into small SEGMENTS. Concentrate on your warm up, think about your start, run the race in 1/2  mile sections, concentrate on each one half mile. Don’t worry about final results, concentrate on what you are doing. The key to a successful race is to concentrate for 3 miles on what you are doing now.

CHANGE THE CHANNEL: at any time during the day if negative thoughts started to creep in, just change the channel, go back to positive images of what you are doing now.

IT IS ONLY A RACE: after all it is only a race, when all is done, the sun will set, tomorrow is a new day with new challanges.

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