Critical Times to Consider When Designing Training Programs

Some critical times to consider when designing training programs, Keep it Simple.


6 seconds, for power.

15 seconds, good speed response.

30 seconds, good pace time/distance, especially for the 800m

45 seconds at 85%, just starts to hurt. Good training distance for 400m, once a week.

60 seconds, good LA build-up.

90 seconds challenges the ATP-PC-LA Energy system.

3 minutes run with 3 minutes rest at 3K pace, works on Max V02.
6 minutes run with 1 minute rest, anaerobic threshold work.

More times to consider:

15 minutes; good warm up time starting time for those starting or restarting program.

30 minutes; good aerobic response for recreational runners and recovery run for the serious.

60 minutes; great training time for those that race, run at talking pace. Not sure most runners need to go much longer.

90 minutes, most runners rarely need to run longer, great capillarization effect.


Resistance training, sets of 9-10 in 45 seconds with 90 seconds rest.

Jump in place for 6 seconds, do sets of 3-6, with long rests.

Try this complex training routine: 15 minutes to warm up, 3 x 15 seconds accelerations, jog stride run. Now try 3 x 6 seconds of fast and/or power skips. Next do 1 x 3 minutes at 3k pace, with 3 minute jog, 1 x 60 second run at mile pace with a 3-4 minute rest, one  x 30 seconds  at faster than mile pace, one x 15 second at 800m pace with long rest. Finish with 3 x 60m fast with walk rest.

That should frost your cupcakes,  and should be about a 60 minute workout, cool down with flexibility

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