6th Time Premise; Speed and Power

You have to hear something at least 6 times before you can use it as one of your own ideas. So bear with me if you have heard this before.

Every time I watch the USA TRACK AND FIELD CHAMPIONSHIPS I am struck by the simple fact that the races 1500 to 10, 000 come down to the last 100 m.  The winners for both the women and men look like sprinters over the last 70m. They must be training to improve their sprint technique regardless of their event! They must be taking what I have been telling you that the key is to improve your 400 speed if you want to improve in your events 800m thru 10,000m.

You can not wait until the end of the season to work on foot speed, you have to incorporate speed training in all of the seasons. So if you are going to spend 80 % of your time running at a good aerobic pace all year than you have to spend 3 to 5% of your time working on speed and power.

So how can you improve your speed to run a fast last 200m or have a wicked kick at the end of your race? That is the question? Are there a few critical things you can to do to improve speed? I know your time is under much demands!

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