Interval Training; the interval of rest

Interval training refers to the interval of rest. The rest can be work relief (jog) or rest relief (walk). The interval of rest (duration) depends on several factors but is largely determined by; the intensity of the work and the predominate energy system of the work.

The classic interval training example is thirty seconds of work and 90 seconds of rest or a 1:3 work to rest ratio. There are many variations of this basic formula that have been developed or purposed by various coaches and physiologists.
Some standards for determining the interval of rest exist. If the work is intense and short in duration, 90% effort (anaerobic) the interval of rest should be longer than the rest, perhaps three to five times as long. If the work is moderate in intensity, e.g., 85% effort (anaerobic threshold) the rest could be twice as long as the work.

Some sample interval training prescriptions: for the ATP-PC-LA work effort area; 20 x: 30 run at 90% with a: 90 rest, jog.

For the LA-02 work effort area: 5 x 3 minutes run at 85% with a 3 minute rest jog.
For the 02 work effort area: 3 x 4 minutes run at 80% with at 2 minute rest, walk (type of relief).

What is the rest of the DIRT formula?

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