1500m – mile training, Getting serious, Training for the working man.

Serious review of training for the 1500/mile for the working man on his feet all day. This could be training in phase 3 before this serious racing starts. This runner works 5 days at a job where he is on his feet. Runs 3:56 for 1500m and trains about 45 miles to 55 miles a week with long days up to 75 minutes. Running fast in the 1500m-mile still comes down to improving your 400m time. You need to spend time running fast.

5 tier training: 10K pace, 3k pace, 1500/mile  pace, 800m pace and 400m workouts over a 2 week period, 14 to 15 days.

Do at least 20% of your workouts, for the week faster than aerobic pace. (a la Coach Bill Devine )

On the Track often or fartlek for fast runs. Fartlek on the trails could be 5 minute runs at 10k pace, 1 minute walk rest; 3 minutes runs hard, with 3 minute jogs; 1 minute runs at 1500m pace with 3 minute jog rest; 30 second runs at 800 pace, walk rest for 2-3 mins; and 15 second runs fast at 400 pace with long recovery rests.

The standard approach; on the track could be 1) 1200- 1 mile runs at 10k pace with a short 1 min rest, 2) 800-1000m at 3k pace with a 3 min jog rest, plus 5 x 100 cut downs. 3) 400m runs at mile pace with a 400m jog rest finish this workout with some fast 200m at 800 pace, 4) reps of 200 -300 at 800m date pace with 300m walk- jog rest and 5) 100 m – 200 m fast reps at 400m effort with long walk rests. Keep it simple. Add cutdowns, each one faster, to most of these track workouts; for example 4 x 100m.

For times of travel with limited times to run; follow this pattern, one long day, 65 minutes, one day with 1 minute run hard with 3 minutes rest do at least 8, when in doubt run 30 minutes and finish with 4-6 x strides at mile pace or faster.

The two week pattern using the 5 tier approach would be;

Day one; Tempo runs as 5 minutes run or repeat miles  at 10k pace  (5:10 ) with 1 minute rests, do 5-6.
Days 2 and 3 distance easy.
Day 4; 400m  dash type workout such as repeat 100m x 10, at 400 effort with long rests, or 3 x 500m at hard with 500m rest plus 3 x 100m each one faster.
Day 5 and 6 easy distance with day 5 a long day,
Day 7 would be 400m repeats at mile pace (64) with 400m jog rests, do 6 to 8, a 1500/mile workout; finish with 4 x 100m each one faster to 400m pace.
Day 8 and 9 would be distance easy.
Day 10 would be 1000m runs at 3k pace with 3 minutes rest, finish with 150m-200m x 3 at 800m pace, this is a hard effort workout.

Days 11-12 would be distance easy with day 12, strides x 4 to finish the easy run.
Day 13: an 800m workout such as  10 x 200m repeats  at 28 seconds or 2 sets of 5 x 200m at 800m date pace with 300m jog rests, finish with 3-4 x 60m fast.
Day 14 could be long and easy, or a rest day as needed.

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